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Entrance Hall Refurbishment

2 - CAM ENT HALL SOFA - Block 2.jpg

These renderings and drawings are for a full re-design and model of an entrance hall, to a building in Regents Park, London. It required extensive onsite measurements, accurate modelling of all furniture and fittings (chandelier, chairs, tables, sidelights and fireplace) along with a specific moulding to the panels and skirtings. All colours and materials are close to what they will be in the real-life design.


The drawings and renders were produced as a presentation to a board of residents, with the aim of winning the contract for the work. The designer I produced these for has recently secured this contract, along with seven other entrance halls, due to the design and quality of the visualisations. 


Using these drawings, the designer was able to go straight to tender with builders and joiners, without the need for any extra work.


The images below show some of the drawings in the final package which included two different wall panel configurations for the customer to choose from. [click images for a large view]


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