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About DN Drawings

Specialising in CAD & CGI visualisations for interior building and furniture/joinery projects, I bring your ideas to life, with high-quality drawings and 3D renderings.


Working with interior designers, architects and joiners I produce 2D and 3D drawings (scaled and accurate for construction if required), along with realistic 3D renders to visualise, in advance, how a project will appear in real life.


All my drawings come with more than a decade’s worth of experience in furniture restoration and construction. I look at every project with real-world construction in mind, so all my drawings and renders are built with proper allowances for things such as gaps around doors and drawers, allowance for infills at the sides of built-in units (where required) and realistic profiles for materials across large spans.


I can take my own on-site measurements or work from plans.


Contact me to discuss your project

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