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I provide a full range of drawing options from full 3D renderings to exploded views, CAD and 2D floor plans. All drawing packages include a customer ready .pdf document containing drawings and renderings*. Each page is branded with your company name and logo, along with the project and customer references. 


My drawings come with more than a decade’s worth of experience in furniture restoration and construction. I look at every project with real-world construction in mind, so all my drawings and renders are built with proper allowances for gaps around doors and drawers, allowance for infills at the sides of built-in units and realistic profiles for materials across large spans.


CGI doesn’t have to cost the earth. I keep my prices to a minimum (see price guide) because I understand that the images I produce don’t need to be perfectly photorealistic to give a customer an idea of how a project will look.


Customers are so often given 2D flat elevations for their drawings. Most people can’t visualise these in 3D. My drawings fill this need by providing realistic images, without you having to spend thousands of pounds getting the perfect realism that many visualisation companies produce.


Keeping my prices down allows great possibilities for you to try different options for your customer. Maybe you wish to show them a piece of furniture in different colours or materials (see Cupboard Unit), or a piece in various positions in a room, or options with different designs. This is easily and quickly achieved without spending a fortune.


Below are a range of drawing packages to chose from. These can easily be configured to meet your needs.


*If you require drawings or renders without a customer document please let me know at the time of quoting.

Drawing Options
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