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Installing and Using CL Eraser For Blender

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Note: This add-on requires Blender 2.8 or higher installed ( - This tutorial was made using Blender 2.8 so some screenshots and menus may differ slightly if you use a version higher than 2.82

Download CL Eraser

Keys: Alt+X = Shortcut to start CL Eraser,  Shift = Deselect geometry,  Alt = Select geometry loop,  D = Toggle Delete/Dissolve,  [ ] = Adjust cursor size

Installing CL Eraser


Once you've downloaded the CL Eraser .zip file, open Blender

  1. Navigate to Edit->Preferences which will open a Preferences dialog

  2. Click Add-ons in the left-hand buttons. Click the Install… button and find the downloaded .zip file.

  3. Press Install Add-on from File. This will install the add-on.

  4. To activate it click the checkbox where you see the 3D View: CL Eraser item (see below image).

  5. You can now exit the Preferences Dialog.

NB. If you are upgrading to a new version of CL Eraser please restart Blender


If installation has been successful you should the CL Eraser icon in the Workspace Tools menu on the left of the Blender workspace. Press 'T' if the menu is not visible


CL Eraser

Using CL Eraser


CL Eraser can remove objects whilst in Object Mode by selecting the CL Eraser tool from the Tools menu or pressing the 'Alt' + 'X'  shortcut combination.


Your cursor should now have an eraser icon with a circle showing the current selection size. With the left mouse button pressed, drag your mouse to select objects in your scene, release the mouse to automatically remove them (see below video). 

Tip: Hold Shift whilst dragging to deselect

CL Eraser also works to remove geometry in Edit Mode and will remove verts, edges, or faces (or a combination of these) based on your current selection. As above, click and drag your mouse over geometry to select, release button to automatically remove.

Holding the Alt key whilst dragging will automatically select geometry loops, ready for removal.

Tip: Pressing the 'D' key will toggle between geometry dissolve and delete

You can adjust the size of the selection cursor by pressing the left and right bracket keys - '[' and ']' - this is especially useful for complex geometry, where accurately selection is difficult.

If you are using a mouse you can also hold the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to change the cursor size

By default removing faces is set to only remove the face itself and not the faces vertices and edges. This setting can be changed by navigating to Edit->Preferences and clicking Add-ons. Find CL Eraser in the add-on list and expand it. Toggle the Remove Verts & Edges On Face Removal setting.

Note that the selection size indicator's colour can also be changed from the Add-on preferences menu.

If you need any support or have any suggestions for this add-on please contact me

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