Construction Lines FAQ

Frequently asked questions

I've bought the beta version of Construction Lines will I have to pay for future updates?

You are entitled to all future updates to Construction Lines for free.

After I install Construction Lines and try to enable or run it I get an error message. How can I fix this?

It's always advisable to restart Blender after installing or updating Construction Lines, there seems to be particularly an issue on Mac computers, so please always restart Blender.

When I add a shape to an existing face, why does Construction Lines sometimes add extra edges?

If a shape is added to an existing face and it is not connected to any of that face's edges, Blender requires some extra geometry to connect the new shape to the existing face so that it can split the existing face. Construction Lines automatically handles adding the connecting edges and connects them to the closest available vertices.

Sometimes when I draw a shape with the Line tool the face is not created.

Construction Lines is still in Beta and sometimes faces are not automatically found. Try drawing over the same line again, as this may help Construction Lines find the face. If this dosen't work, select all of the shapes vertices using the Select tool (box select or Shift+Click for multiple select) then press the 'F' key and a face will be created.

What versions of Blender are supported

Currently all version of Blender from version 2.82 to 2.93 are supported.