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White & Navy Study

Danewood Drive - Study - CAM WIN - R2 - Edit.jpg

Trying to visualise how a big change in a room will look can be very difficult. This panelled study was originally in dark stained Walnut and the designer wanted to show their customer a new lighter concept for the room. With such a big change, nothing could be left to chance, so I was asked to produce some renderings to show just how well the new white and navy concept would look.

These renderings show the study with white woodwork and all new bespoke furniture, along with a new geometric patterned rug.

For designers, renderings are such a powerful way to show customers concepts and ideas. They also allow customers to see exactly what is being proposed, rather than trying to visualise from mood boards and material samples.

There are two sets of renderings showing some of the design processes that took place to agree on a final concept.

The images below show some of the drawings in the final package. [click images for a large view]


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