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Price Guide

Every drawing project is different, bespoke budgets will be developed according to the needs of your individual project. As a rough guide projects prices start at about £260 and increase with the complexity and scale of a project (see examples opposite, or below if on mobile). Changes to drawings and on-site visits are charged at an additional rate.


Much depends on the information provided at the start of a project and also how detailed the final drawings\renderings need to be. 


Certain projects require every item to be modelled to an exact specification (see entrance hall project) but most renderings are designed to give a customer an idea of how an overall look will work (see White & Oak Study and Basement TV Unit). 


Built-in pieces will have to be modelled to an exact specification but surrounding pieces don't normally need to be.


Supplying dimensions to work from will also save time, as I won't have to take measurements for myself. These can be provided as a list of measurements or as a CAD drawing. 


Note that all projects, unless otherwise agreed, come with a full set of drawings (2D, 3D & renderings where applicable) and are presented in a customer ready document (.pdf format) with your logo and project details.


Contact me to discuss the exact needs of your project.

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